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The Best New MySpace Layouts
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12 April 2009

Happy Easter... and catch up

check out my cute family and little bunny! what a trooper Kaden

Brennen at the egg hunt, he was a little scared of this bunny and the sprint for the eggs.

Brian in his first parade-- sweet car and AWESOME hat Bri!

Our 4th year anniversary was spent with our 2 boys and reinacting our engagement. It a beautiful day and super fun-- excepting I could have gone without falling off of this bike... :)

Kade is such a SWEET baby and loves to make this flirting face and bat his beautiful, full, black eyelashes at everyone. Check out this ADORABLE blanket my awesome friend Wendy made. Thanks girl-- Kaden loves it!

Kaden 3 months Kickin'

10 February 2009

happy "earth day"

This ones for YOU Grandma Webb!
We love you SO much!
Thanks for letting us in on your birthday fun!

05 February 2009

Family Pictures!!

Here's a sneak-peek at our awesome family photo shoot...

...Brennen was being so cute, the photographer wants him for her model

03 February 2009

family pics coming SOON

this little monkey is already 6 weeks old and slept 6 hours straight last night!!

mom IS happy! :)

...and we just got some cute family pictures taken at the beach that will be posted SOON!!

oh yeah.....

here is Brennen too-- he's crazy