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10 February 2009

happy "earth day"

This ones for YOU Grandma Webb!
We love you SO much!
Thanks for letting us in on your birthday fun!


bri said...

oooohhhh!!! Brenny--he's too cute! hahaha ahappy erthday! lol i love him! we totally will have to show that too him later in his life when hes a little stud kid

Michael and Megan Gery said...

this makes my insides happy. :)

Sarah said...

he is so environmentally aware--and at such a young age! Happy Earth Day to you too B.

H Webb said...

Thats so cute I can tell he doesnt say it right but its so darling for his age !! Good thing I can lip read him !!!! Love ya all !!!

Liz and Scott said...

What a cutie!

Amanda said...

Hilary - you're not going on another blogging strike, are you? I am far away, I need pictures!